Wrist Band Pop Toy Hand Finger Press Toy

1. Wrist Band Pop Toy Hand Finger Press Toy. 2. Our silicone bracelet toys are made of high-quality silicone materials. 3. This Pop it Fidget Toy is a great attraction for your toy shop, boutique, and online website. 4. The 8.3*1.5 Inch with 0.04lb Weight is light and portable and can be carried as a wristband. 5. It can be worn on your hand or in your pocket for playing anytime, anywhere. Such as parties, camping, schools, offices, etc. can all be used. JSBlueRidge is a well-known wholesale brand in the fidget toy market Colorful and popular bubble fingertip bracelet toy, it will make a "pop-up" sound when pressed. This popular decompression bracelet toy is loud on one side, and quiet and clean on the other. The sound can be effectively alleviated by pressing. It can also keep the brain active and prevent brain degeneration for the elderly. This best-seller toy can easily be sold on amazon and on your retailer website.