Slug Rainbow Color Fidget Sensory Toy

• Slug Rainbow Color Fidget Sensory Toy is perfect for kids. • The fidget slug fidget toy is made of high-quality plastic material. Not only not easy to get dirty smooth when touching, but also very flexible when shaking. • This Fidget Toy is a great attraction for your toy shop, boutique, and online website. • The 7.5*2.4 inch with 0.24lb weight is easy to carry and can be played with whenever and wherever. • This slug toy is very flexible and it will have a slight sound when you shake it. JSBlueRidge is a well-known wholesale brand in the fidget toy market. This articulated slug toy has a clever spherical design inside, All articulations can be freely swung and disassembled, if you have multiple fidget slug toys of different colors, you can also customize according to your own color preferences disassemble and reassemble. Get a new toy. This best-seller toy can easily be sold on amazon and your retailer’s website.