Palm Frond Stained Glass Window Panel

Handcrafted and tailor-made for a Victorian-themed bedroom or en suite, this Palm Frond Stained Glass Window Panel from River of Goods brings the magic of the natural world indoors. 90 individual glass cuts are handcrafted together with iron to create this nature-inspired window panel. The delicate green hues and vibrant yellow tones of the curved palm fronds are accented with an orange stem for a surprising pop of color as it catches the light. Use the attached silver-colored metal link chain for convenient hanging in the sunniest spot in your home. It's perfect in a window in a beach-themed room, a sunroom with a collection of rattan furniture and a bamboo ceiling fan, or secured against a clear glass shower door for a unique personal style statement. 8in L x 0.25in W x 14in H Graceful green and yellow palm frond is handcrafted in stained glass art. Made using traditional methods with 90 glass cuts. Nature-inspired palette of green and yellow hues.

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