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Money Is The Root Of All Evil....

I love the "Money Is The Root Of All Evil- So I Try To Spend It Before It Corrupts Me." 8 x 10 painting! If you have that one friend who is the queen shopping diva, this is the perfect birthday gift for her! Brides consider this for one of your most stylish bridesmaids. I also like decorating the closet with this sassy painting too! I love giving custom gifts that fit my friends' personalities. There is probably a quote that describes each one of your girlfriends, family, or co-workers to a T. You will get the best reaction of smiles and laughter when they open!! All you beautiful brides can knock out your bridesmaid gifts with this sassy painting series too! The best part is seeing their expression and reaction; you are sure to have given them something unique that they will cherish forever. All framing is done in an 8” x 10” contemporary frame, ready for wall or shelf display. Ordered individually.

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