Dream Skin Hydrating Pillowcase Queen size

Truly an advanced technology in skincare, the dreamskin pillowcase is made with the groundbreaking juvetex rejuvenating textile. It’s the first physician formulated textile that acts as a cosmetic moisturizer while you sleep. It is designed to control sleep lines and diminish facial wrinkles by 50% as well as enhancing the rebuilding of collagen in your skin. The future of skincare is here now: science, rejuvenation the “secret is in the threads”. Founded on medical science, the dreamskin pillowcase is made with the juvetex fabric design, a proprietary weave pattern, and a blend of natural cellulosic fibers and synthetic microfibers. It is uniquely designed to channel moisture away from the skin’s surface via a hydrophobic transport layer to the soft absorbent backing layer where it then evaporates. Each yarn is a specific weight and type to provide the exact amount of waterproof surface to reduce water loss and repair dry, damaged facial skin. Queen size.