'101 Ways To Say I'm Drunk' Book by Ryan Lubker

Man, I got ____ last night!  

Fill in the blank with any of your favorite terms and this sentence becomes the all too familiar phrase used remorsefully in the morning following the abuse of a vicious undertow of intoxication on a night out.  If you've ever uttered this grisly sentence on the tail end of a stupor then you know how fun it can be to spice up your vocabulary to adequately vocalize how much you had to drink the night before.  

Anyone who has ever drank is familiar with the classic drunken synonyms like Hammered and Trashed, but what about the underrated terms like Barbaric, Pummeled, and Dismantled that can elevate your comedic emphasis and the precision of the way you recount your tales?  101 Ways to Say I'm Drunk is packed full with (you guessed it) one hundred and one fun and creative synonyms for intoxication, each carrying their own descriptive definition and professionally drawn illustration.

101 Ways to Say I'm Drunk provides insights that no dictionary or encyclopedia could even come near, and is therefore an absolutely indispensable addition to your personal library.  No 21st birthday is truly complete without the handbook that teaches the importance of partying with a purpose, and no bathroom is bearable without the most informative piece of celebratory literature known to man.

The sleek, luxurious design, combined with the sarcasm laden, hilarious and outrageous terms, definitions and illustrations combine to make 101 Ways to Say I'm Drunk the most sensational centerpiece for the homes of any fun-loving households in the country. 

Embodying the full meaning of this book will allow you to become a true Menace to Sobriety, who stops at no end to terrorize the thoughts of a casual night out.  Grab yourself a designated driver because after the enlightenment that comes through the analysis of this book, you will never look at a casual drink so casually again.  Lets get Loaded.