Charcuterie / Cutting Board 7 x 11

The seven inch by eleven inch Cutting board is ideal for any cutting job in the Kitchen. The size allows it for easy storage in most drawers. I want to explain how we make all of our cutting /charcuterie boards. We bring in rough sawed wood that has been kiln dried. The wood has to sit in our shop for several days to adjust to our desired dryness. We first pane the wood to a certain thickness, from there we rip the boards to the desired width, We thin select our wood and start the glue up. We Glue up four foot panels the width that is required tor the charcuterie board that we want to make. Then the four foot panel is cut up into squires required to cut one board from. We have to charge for the whole square or rectangle that it is cut from, sometimes but not often we are able to cut something from the waste. We do production runs to keep us from having to change out our jig to often. Please see the additional pictures.