The Holiday

It's the smell of the holidays in a cup with The Holiday. We'd tell you more, but look at the yummy ingredient list. Fa-la-la-la-lots of stuff.  The Holiday is delicious, nutritious and pretty much all your holiday wishes come true. It's designed to help: * Support Stress Relief * Improve Cardiovascular Health * Relieve Stiffness of Joints * Introduce Antioxidants * Wrap Christmas Presents (just kidding. We wish.) The Holiday is rated as having no caffeine and is perfect to drink from morning to eve.  Ingredients: * Hibiscus * Apple * Papaya * Elderberries * Blackcurrants * Raspberry * Strawberry * Rose hip * Blackberries * Pineapple * Orange peel * Chamomile * Lavender * Lemon grass * Passion flower * Anise * Lemon Verbena * Spearmint * Sunflower * Cornflower petals. * Decaf black tea For best results, we recommend steeping The Holiday in 200F water for 3-4 minutes and enjoying immediately.