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"Mattie" Hand Distressed Hat

This amazing hat is a new RARE BIRD addition. It is a replica of my grandma's hat. We called her Mom Schneider. The hat is one size and is a pale gray felt that is hand distressed with a rare turkey feather and leather hat band. A story about MOM and a hat snug will be included with each hat. Here is her story... Mattie, or as I called her Mom schneider, was truly a 4ft11" fireball. She would place her hat on her head, square her shoulders, and throw bales of hay as good as any man. So many memories under the brim of this hat....gathering pecans and placing them in her tied up apron, digging in the garden with her hat tied up with a scarf neatly over the crown and in a bow under her chin, chasing the chickens when some would magically escape the pen...or just sitting under the trees with a cup of coffee and a windmill cookie. Make your own memories under the brim of Mattie's hat...she would be so proud.