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Southern Chicken Salad

In the summer, it's usually pretty hot here in the south and, in order to cool off a bit, Chicken Salad is often served both as a main dish, on a sandwich, or as an appetizer. This is definitely our best seller and has been touted as the "best chicken salad ever". Its ease in preparation, along with its differing ingredient list, is always a hit.

One of the first forms of chicken salad was served in Rhode Island by Liam Gray in 1863. He mixed a little leftover chicken with some mayonnaise and grapes, along with a few other items of interest. This dish become so popular in his meat market that he just converted the entire business into a deli!

In the South, chickens were easy animals to see after and were often found running around in the yards of our great grandparents. Granny would just go outside, catch a bird, and, voila, you could have some chicken salad.

With our best seller, you decide how you are going to make additions such as grapes, avocadoes, apple slices, roma tomatoes... and the list goes on. The basics are there waiting for YOUR creativity! CONTAINS: PECANS